Kiki Dee Band member wears KSHE shirt

So, how did the Kiki Dee Band member wind up with a KSHE shirt on the album? Joe recently wrote to Jo Partridge's nephew, who forwarded the email to his Uncle. His response is below.

Read all about it - in his own words...

Hi Joe,I finally got this back from my uncle today...In 1974, the Kiki Dee Band did two tours of the USA, the first one supporting The Beach Boys on the East Coast and Steely Dan on the West in the spring, and then the mega 64 date EJ tour all over the States in the autumn. On the first tour we did a lot of promo work and visited a load of radio stations and one of those was KSHE. Almost all the stations gave us T-Shirts, including KSHE. In between tours, we recorded the "Music in Me" album and when we were called in for the photo shoot, I just happen to have been wearing the KSHE shirt, hence the photo. Being young and naive, I had no idea what a furore wearing that shirt caused because when we returned to the States in the fall to promote the album, several radio stations took umbrage and refused to play the album because I was seen to be "advertising" a rival station. Unfortunately, KSHE didn't get in touch and send me cases of champagne for their free advertising!! There you have it!I'd be grateful if you will pass that on to Joe Mason.

A special thanks to Tam Johnstone, for helping Joe Mason contact his Uncle Jo. (Tam is Davey's son, of Elton John's band)